Words for my buddy,
As we go through life many different things happen. At this time, I feel like I should put something on paper. On December 23, 2008 at 2:30 pm, one of the worst things in life that could happen, did happen. I lost my buddy forever. Dre was a strapping male dobie. He was a mans man. He was a very good looking guy. All the girls loved him and he loved all the girls. When Deandrea came back from New York City in December 2000, we moved to Manchester, CT. I worked for my brother Barry, and Deandrea was recovering from a major operation that was going to take many months. She wanted to get a dog. I was reluctant at first, but after going online and researching many breeds, we settled on Doberman Pinschers. Hence, Dre. The cutest little guy you could ever lay eyes on. When we came home from Rhode Island, he laid on my lap the whole way home. We formed a bond from that day on. I was Dre’s dad. Although it didn’t take long before we knew who his true favorite was, mommy.

In reality, Dre loved us both pretty equal. He knew I was the man of the house, but when I left, he played the role well. When I left for any reason, the last thing I would say is “Dre, you take care of mommy while I’m gone, OK”. His ears would go straight up and his eyes would fix on mine, as if he were saying, “You got it dad, there’s nothing to worry about!”, and then charged off to the part of the house where Deandrea was and kept a watchful eye on her. I always feared for the person that would ever mess with Deandrea. He would rip them to shreds. Having said that, he really loved most people. It wasn’t till Dre got sick in August 2008 that I truly didn’t think what life would be without him. When a dog is so loving and you respond with the same love, it becomes overwhelming when you lose them. Oh sure I had dogs in the past but I don’t think that any of them had the bond that Dre and I formed. In the final months of Dre’s life he went downhill slowly. He went from a powerful 126 pounds to a frail 70 pounds. Even in his final day he tried to take care of his mommy when I left. On his last day it saddened me to see him say with his eyes, I’m sorry daddy, I can’t take care of mommy anymore. He looked so sad and so weak. He was begging us to put him to sleep. So we honored his wish. I know he is looking down on us now and saying, “Don’t worry mom and dad, there will be a day when we will reunite again. Until then, I want you both to take care of each other and I will always be here in spirit. Go on with life and enjoy every moment you can. Just the same as you did with me.” I think we were very good parents to Dre and his brother and sister. We really love our animals.

This is to Dre. Dre, I never loved a dog as much as I loved you. You were smart, loving and very intuitive. You were strong, good looking and brave. You gave every ounce of energy and love to the very last second of your life. I wish so much that you could have lived to be an old man, but for some reason God had other plans for you. I can’t imagine what they could be other than being with us, but somewhere there’s an underlying message. I miss you immensely and it seems hard to figure out how to go on. I feel I was robbed of at least six years of your life. You should have lived to thirteen or better. The old saying is, “only the good die young”. That certainly is the case with you. We will go forward and try to piece together our lives. You, Dre, will always be in my heart and soul. There will never be a day when I don’t think of you. I love you so much and I’ll miss you very much.

Love you always and forever,
Your very loving Dad

Terry from CT