I have had many dogs over the years and each one is special in their own way!  Two years before my liitle dog Gumbo, a miniature weenie dog mix, lost his life, my husbanc brought home a little puppy that was weenie dog and wire haired terrier, black and brown…he was born on Holloween and keeping with the Louisiana theme we called him Boodan (boudin sausage)!  He has that terrier activity level, much higher than aging Gumbo\’s ability to keep up with.

After Gumbo left us, I kept thinking about getting another puppy for a playmate for Boo, but just couldn\’t bring myself to go looking…I have rescued many over the years from shelters and the side of the road.  One day in early October I was driving home from work and came around a curve and sitting in the middle of the road was this little puppy.  He was white with black ears. Luckily the road has little traffic, I pulled over and saw the mother and two more pups run off into the woods, but this little guy was too pooped to keep up any more.  I picked him up and took him home.

When I got home, my husband asked \”Do you have anything?\”  as he often asks if there are groceries, etc. to get out of the car.  I said \”oh, yeah, I\’ve got something!!\” and carried the little pup into the living room.  He is also very fond of dogs, but do we need another dog??  Thus his name is Dewey (also a type of sausauge – andouille).  He has become the perfect playmate with all the energy needed to keep up with Boo!!  I still miss Gumbo very much – you can never replace one of your pets but you can open your heart to accept another little buddy!!  He has made our house a little fuller!

Maggie from FL