Buffalo/Big Guy

This is a colt that was born in Aug/Sept. 07 around Vale OR. he live through the winter with little food. 5 other colts were going to be put down. To weak, but a friend of my brother in law’ sister ranch here in Jordan Valley brouht him the ranch.

I am retired firefighter and moved to the ranch. My sister told me about the colt, the next day after he got here I saw him, he was so thin and standing there. I began feeding him and brushing him daily and growing!!

He is my buddy now and comes to me when I call him. His name is “Buffalo/Big Guy”. I work with him every day. Next Spring I am going to start riding him. He likes his oats and I always have some in my work pants front pocket. When he’s eatting or when we are out walking, I have my Bible and read it while he’s eating.

Don from OR