Andy, Rosie

Andy, our beloved and dear friend and companion, left this world Oct 16, 2008 at 11:25 AM due to canine heart disease that came on fast. He became ill about 7:45. my wife and her sister rushed Andy to the Vet and everything that could be done to save him was done. He died on the X-Ray table. Jamie and I had 8 short, but wonderful years with my best friend and my dearest boy. He was the best dog I had ever had the honor of owning and loving. He was the King and Rosie (our other dog) was his Queen. They ruled over all of us.

We celebrate his life with us and we will always cherish him. He was great with the children that came through our house. Our hearts are broken and we will always miss him but his love he had for us will be with us forever. I am having him cremated so he will be with us always. Pray for our family (including Rosie, our other dog) as we grieve the loss of this special member of our family. Thanks Andy for the love and devotion you gave us your family. You were an one and million dog and friend. You were a true gift from God.

Tim from IL