A Letter for Harley

I sent this letter to our local newspaper\’s opinion/talkback page.
I don\’t know if they\’ll print it, but writing it was somewhat cathartic.  Harley is kind of a feline Sprite. Unfortunately his life will be much shorter.  At least Harley will end his life with people who love him  like Sprite did:

A Letter for Harley

On a cool rainy evening in August 2007, you left a friendly little tabby kitten near Mercy Village in Fort Gratiot.  He had large ears and big eyes covered with a film of infection.  I took him home.  His name is Harley.  He has feline leukemia.

We’ve often wondered how you could discard a sick kitten like you would throw away an old broken toy.  Did you count on someone like me finding him?  Did you leave him to spread his disease and die alone?

For a year, with the help of good food, love, and antiviral medications, Harley was indistinguishable from a healthy young cat.   He played crazy cat and engaged in long conversations, albeit with a limited vocabulary.  But a few months ago, the leukemia virus fast forwarded to the wasting stage.  His little body can no longer absorb nutrients from his food.  Instead of playing, he seeks a warm spot next to the people who love him.  His voice grows weaker almost daily.  He is dying.  Soon we will have to put him to sleep.  Harley will let us know when it’s time.  Our hearts are breaking.  You who abandoned a kitten in the rain wouldn’t understand.

Sharon from MI