Zima, Ziggy, Cinnamon & Onyx

Dear Levin Family,
I just read your tribute to Sprite, and I laughed and cried. You and your family show a true love to your dogs. We have four cats…Zima, the oldest is 14 to as young as I think 4. We only had 2 cats Zima & Ziggy, then my son had a cat & he moved and we inhereited Cinamon & the youngest one (which is all black) we got on our doorstep Halloween night. We named her Onyx. We asked the neighbors and nobody claimed her.

So…anyway we feel for your loss. I’m writing this two fold, one is about your loss of Sprite and the other is I had a stroke 10 years ago. I was 44. It effected my right side. I’ve handled it well and got back to what I usually do with the help of my husband with cleaning…I was quite a reader before my stroke. I read just about every book…then my stroke. I couldn’t read anymore…I would reread a sentence about a dozen times and it wouldn’t make sense. I picked up a book now and again and it was the same thing.

Well, I read a book the first of May, on a trip to the Oregon Coast, and I don’t know but I READ it. It felt so good! Your’s is the sixth book I’ve read…I went to the bookstore…(I had heard you on TV about your loving dog, Sprite) and got your book. I learned you can never give up even if it takes you 10 years!


Loretta from OR