What Happens to Barney?

I am appauled at the response to first dog Barney biting a reporter. Let me start by saying that I rescue pitbulls, the best dogs on earth. Myself, and others like me are in a never ending battle against BSL (breed specific legislation). Lawmakers believe it is a great idea to ban taxpayers from owning certain breeds of dog, regardless if your dog is NOT vicious or unstable. True, the breed I love has gotten the worst reputation. This is of no fault to the dog. Irresponsible owners need to be punished, not the responsible ones.
I have picked up every turd that has fallen from my dogs butts’ onto public property. My dogs are always leashed on walks. My dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and registered. Why should lawmakers be able to tell me what kind of dog I can own, meanwhile the president of the United States Of Americas dog Barney can run around and bite reporters and than have cute jokes made about it…Let me tell you what would happen if it were my dog who bit someones finger: First off, the police would be called and Animal control would come take my dog and put him into quarantine, meanwhile the press would show up; news vans from every major station creating headlines like “Another Pitbull mauls innocent victim”..Shortly after the news vans clear away I will get served papers that I am being sued for the house I worked my entire life to purchase, and all the money in my piddly savings account that I work 50+ hours a week to earn. Next comes euthanization, yup, my dog would be killed. The dog that was neglected his entire life chained in a backyard to be starved of food and affection.
Is this going to happen to Barney? Of course not, why he was “just being surly that morning”…..Bulls**t!!! Same thing happened when an unleashed Labrador bit me in the hand one day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Barney to be murdered for his actions, however, maybe he should be labeled a “dangerous dog”, and in order for Mr. Bush to keep him, he should have to adhere to strict regulations set forth by lawmakers. This is an excellent alternative to BSL..this method hold the owner responsible for the dogs actions, not the entire breed….PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!! I would just like to add in closing that I have never had a dog that has bitten anyone…. EVER.
Ryan from CT