VanGough, Mellie

It was not even two years ago, I first posted on this site when I lost my beloved German Shepherd, VanGough to cancer at age 7.5. his life long companion, Mellie, my female shepherd, was devastated. Her best friend was gone, and I could not explain why. I adopted two other dogs to keep Mellie company. She liked them, but she had loved VanGough. She and VanGough were inseperable and had their own way of playing. Mellie always had boundless energy, but depite adopting the two other dogs, I always felt something had changed within her. She seemed forever broken hearted. She was happy, for sure.
Her life with me was always fun, hiking, swimming, car rides! But after VanGough died, there was something I always fetl was a trace of sadness about her. Just six weeks ago, after a long hike, Mellie seemed a little off–just a bit tired. I noticed it again the next day, and took her to my vet. Mellie had a tumor in her heart which would kill her quickly, and it did on October 6, when I made the decision for her. She grew very weak, very quickly. How ironic that she, who I always thought had a broken heart after VanGough died, would die of a tumor in her heart.
Now my heart is broken. I will bury thier ashes together in a potted, flowering houseplant. Something beautiful to reflect their love for eachother. I miss Mellie. She was only 8 years old. Losing VanGough was hard enough, but losing her just 18 months later was devestating. I hope and pray I see them again someday.
Elizabeth from NJ