A friend of mine sent me your book about Sprite after I lost my golden retrieve, Tucker. I couldn’t read it for months because I “knew” where it was going.

Finally, I got myself together and read the book. Tucker was such a prince. He saw me through an awful divorce. My husband of 34 years sent divorce papers to the front door 5 years ago a few days before Christmas. There were so many nights that just cuddling up with Tuck on the floor of my bedroom was the only thing that got me through the ordeal.

When Tucker was diagnosed with cancer, I was heartbroken. He was so much braver than I was and the day I had to put him down, I knew he was grateful to be released from his pain and was so forgiving for what I had to do for him.. The second anniversary of his death is coming soon…Dec. 1st and I still miss my boy. Thanks for letting me share my story with you, the way you shared your family’s experience with Sprite with so many of us.

Karen from NV