I was so moved by your book about Sprite. Unfortunately, I have my own sad story this. My dog, Tripod, became ill with gdv (bloat and stomach torsion) a week ago tonight. I figured out what it was when his stomach began swelling up. I got him to the emergency vet’s office as quickly as possible. Initially they told me the surgery would be about $3000.00 but the estimate came in at $4200 – 4900.00. I was devastated to make the decision to put him to sleep because of the expense of the surgery.
You see I have a rottweiler who has Addison’s disease and my vet bills are quite high. I can’t forgive myself for putting him down. He was born with a severely deformed foot and had three surgeries between 3 and 6 months of age. He was my beloved buddy. I wish like hell that I had had the surgery for him. I miss him so.
Roxanne from CA