T-Bone is Bulldog that is about three years old. I rescued him from a ranch out east from El Paso, TX. This \”Ranch\” hosts dog fights on a monthly basis and on its grounds lay remnants of a bloody nightmare. Skulls and bones riddle the land scape.

When I first arrived there it seemed surreal. I saw many dogs locked up and changed along w/ a horse. I noticed T-Bone was chained to the ground w/ no shade or water. He was very skinny and dehydrated, his nose was cracked and had many cuts and bruises around his body. This made me extremely upset and I told the the owner of the place I was taking the bulldog, he said to go ahead but they lost the key to the lock around the neck. I left and came back w/ bolt cutters and freed him, but as I did T-Bone attacked the horse and a big fight started. They wanted to shoot T-Bone but did not in fear of shooting the horse.

T-Bone and the horse were bloody but the horse won once the horse kicked him in the face and he flew back. I tackled the dog before anyone could take a shot on him. I picked him up and took him home. His face and ear were cut and was unable to put any pressure on his front left leg. I live a very modest life but I scraped up the $1200 needed for tests, xrays, surgeries etc. I am proud to say that when I got T-Bone he was only 65 lbs. and now he is a healthy 85 lbs. He is the most gently dog I have ever met. He is wonderful w/ my daughter and my wife. He is even potty trained lol.

There is so much more to this story and detail but I dont bother to bore you w/ a book. But I do want to say Thank you sir for who you are and what you are doing. Luis A. Loya former Airforce Airman current Texas Guard

Albert from TX