Show Dog

All my life since I was a kid I wanted to have a show dog. I never had time, never had the money to do so until I married. My very supportive husband and I decided to go on a quest for the right dog for us. I have always been a sporting dog fan, you know the Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer, Irish Setter. But with our home, the size of our yard and the HUGE cost of owning a dog we decided to go a little smaller, actually a LOT smaller!

We found an adorable Toy Fox Terrier that needed a home. He was pick of the litter but he was male, one of way too many owned by the breeder. Lucky for us her main ambition was to find loving owners, not make a lot of money. We got photos of him on the web, fell in love and decided that was our boy! Rather than put him threw the trauma of being flown to us, we drove over 900 miles one way to get our buddy. He was so tiny, very shy and not well by the time we got him home.

We discovered he was allergic to wheat and dairy products in his food. After changing that he got over the allergies but shyness, that\’s took longer. I took him on long walks, to Pet\’s Mart, to noisy main streets, shopping centers to hear, see, smell all the new things in his much expanded world. After all to be a show dog he HAD to allow strangers to run their hands on him, look into his mouth and he had to show off to win. Our first show he was horrified! We entered the grooming area with a puppy shaking like a leaf on a windy day. It was sad, so sad we thought, hum, maybe we might just need to keep him as a pet. But since we were there we thought we\’d try him in the show area.

When we walked in it was like some turned on a \’show\’ switch. He pranced, he walked, acted and preformed like his Champion parents before him! On his first show he got a 2 pt major win which was NOT bad for any dog, but wonderful for a dog that had bee shy and so ill. I finished my guy in October of 2008. He has fulfilled my childhood dreams, gave my husband and myself another bond between us and has added such a sparkling personality to our family. All that and he loves Murphy our cat! Here is Champion Fanci\’s The DAX FACTOR at Warp 10!

Pam from IL