Shep, Max and Chubs

I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Awhile back, I read “Marley and Me” and cried so hard I couldn’t even talk when my husband came around asking what was wrong. I vowed to avoid any more dog stories with a sad ending. But, when I saw Sprite’s face on the cover of your book at the library last week, I couldn’t resist – he had the same beautiful eyes that our dog has. So once again, my heart broke reading about someone else’s lost love.

Dogs are amazing, and I’m sure whatever I say will only be a repeat of what many people have already written you. I believe God put dogs here on earth as am extension of himself and a way to give man the peace, comfort and love that He also showers on us. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than those deep, soulful eyes staring straight back at you when you hold your doggie’s head on your hands. Our blue beagle, Dakota, is 7 years old and is extremely headstrong but loving and devoted. I don’t even want to imagine our home without him.

I’m still recovering from the loss of my childhood friends – Shep (died at the age of 16 when I was in grade school), Max and Chubs (died during my college years)..their losses still manage to choke me up and I too have doubts and regrets about what my family could have done to prevent their deaths. It never goes away, but then again, that’s what life is about…..loving and losing, then loving and losing some more. I have no doubt that “Doggie Heaven” is connected to our heaven…..and when we pass, our silly doggies will be waiting for us with their goofy smiles on their faces, tails going like crazy!

Colleen from KS