Scamp & Rascal

Both he and his brother, Rascal, were left to die with their mother and three brothers and sisters at a boat dock in Campbell County, Tennessee. They were the only two puppies that were alive when I found them at an RV site, half-starved, covered in fleas, tickets, and lice. They weren’t even weaned, trying to nurse on their mother’s decomposing corpse. I took the two brothers home, called a vet, and left them with the vet for treatment while I went back and buried the others. When I went back to the vet to pick them up, he said they would more than likely die from malnutrition, and recommended putting them down so they would not suffer. I refused, and took them home, praying that God would find a way for me to keep them alive.

I abandoned my graduate studies, missing two weeks of classes to care for these puppies day and night. They refused to give up, and after the dewormer kicked in, they started to gain weight. I cried for them, I prayed for them, I held them, and loved them. Within two short weeks, they had gained weight, and the vet said it was nothing short of a miracle that they lived, and that they were doing so well.

I waited for three months for the owner of RV lot where I found these dogs to come back. Turns out they were illegals who worked for the dock. I told them how sick they were, and that their cruelty would come back to haunt them. Can you believe they asked for the puppies back, and threatened to sue me if I didn’t!?! Once I explained that I had pictures of the dogs at their worst, and that I would not hesitate to contact the DA about animal cruelty, they dropped their stupidity, and told me they hoped those stupid dogs died. I can’t tell you here what I told them in response.

These two puppies have brought me so much joy! They have 10 acres of chain linked, fenced yard to run around in, and it’s a pleasure to watch them play and run like all puppies should. They are seven months old today, and I can’t imagine life without them. Rascal weighs 23 lbs, and is so big he can place his front paws on my shoulders. Scamp weighs 17 lbs. and can run like the wind.

Thank you Mark, for your inspiration and devotion to the truly innocent on this Earth. I look into the face of my “boys” and I see absolute innocence. You will have special stars in your crown in heaven for the work you do for these animals.

Scamp, on the left, and Rascal, on the right in the picture, at 9 weeks on the top, 7 months on the bottom. How could anyone abandon these faces?

Violet from TN