First off you are a GREAT AMERICAN! I listen to your show every night. When I first started listening I always wondered why you said \”Goodnight Sprite.\” Then one day I was out and I heard you talking about Sprite. It was only a few weeks earlier that I had lost my Greyhound of 11 years. I rescued her when she was 3. I was in the fifth grade at the time. I have always been a HUGE animal lover. I was feeling so down and out, and then I heard your story.

I know it is a hard thing to go through, but hearing some of your story was comforting. Shortly after I heard that radio program my boyfriend and I went out and got another dog. We got a Great Dane, and named him Odin. He is the biggest baby ever. He is only 140 pounds, slightly small for a Dane. He weighed more than I did when he was about 10 months old.

When Odin was about a year old my boyfriend was at work, and  there was a litter of kittens only 3 weeks old running around with no mother. So he brought one home. The cat, Kitty as we call him, weighed slightly under a half pound. Needless to say Odin and Kitty sleep together, eat together, and  play together. I was nervous at first but they love one another more than I could have hoped for. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and giving support to this great nation! Keep up the good work!

Nicole from TN