Lotty, Bailey

Hi Mark, I have just read your book ‘Rescuing Sprit’ which I bought at the airport on my way to Spain. I waited while I got home to read it. I knew this book would speak to me as I have just lost my beloved dog Lotty, who was 12 years and my two cats who were 15 years old. All passed away within 6 weeks of each other. Your book put into words how I felt and what I went through. Like your Sprite, Lotty was very special to me, I loved her dearly, she was a rescued dog and when I found her she was in a very bad way. Like your vet, mine (who is also named Mark) worked hard to give Lotty a better quality of life and she turned out to be a happy dog, but always ailing and when the end came I hoped she would go in her sleep but I had to make the decision to put her to sleep, the tears fall as i write this bit. Mark the vet came at Friday tea time, Lotty barked at him as she always did, but her legs were very bad, she could hardly walk and I did try to keep her going. I held her in my arms, held her face close to mine and told her I loved her, she was a great dog. I have brought her ashes home where she should be. Through your book I feel I have got to know a part of you, why do our cherished pets have to go so soon, I only pray that I did the best for Lotty as you have done for Sprite. Like you, my heart is broken but your book was a great comfort to me, it helped me realise I was not alone. You are truly a wonderful person, God bless you and all your family and dogs Pepsi and Griffen. I will never forget Lotty and, with your dog Sprite, they will both run and play where the grass is greener and the sun shines and there is no pain.
God bless our dogs.
Janet from The UK
I have rescued another little dog, his name is Bailey.
God help us it all starts again.