Dear Mark,

My family and I own a 12 year old mix named Lexi.  She has been such a blessing in our lives.  When I first moved to Florida, I knew no one and was extremely homesick.  I found Lexi, a puppy then, at a school where I was teaching.  I brought her home and she quickly became a part of the family.  She helped me through some pretty tough times.  Lexi has been very sick recently with kidney failure and a rare muscle disease.  We have been doing everything in our power to care for her illness and keep her comfortable.  We realize she doesn\’t have much time and we have all agreed that we will not let her suffer.  I picked up your book, Rescuing Sprite, and read it all in one sitting.

Although I cried all the way through it,  I am so glad I read it.  It has helped me to see this experience in a different light.  I\’ve realized that we\’ve given Lexi all the love we could and she has done the same for us.  I\’ll always cherish the time I\’ve had with her and never ever forget the joy she has brought to my family.  I\’m not going to lie, it\’s going to be tough when the time comes.  We\’re really going to be hurting, but  we\’ve decided as a family that we\’ll always have a dog.  I can\’t imagine my life without one.  There are so many amazing animals that need love and someone to care for them.  After the greater part of the pain subsides(it will never completely go away, as you know), we\’ll open our hearts up all over again!
Thanks for your inspirational book.

Angela from FL