Kitty Korners Kat Kare

Hiya Mark,

Love your show, and your Sprite is totally adorable! I really enjoyed reading others’ listeners stories here. It’s people like these that give me hope this isn’t such a cold world after all.

I love all animals, dogs and cats alike; but cats are my specialty. Since I live in the country, it’s sadly the “norm” for folks to drop off their unwanted cats here in the night. Some come to me pregnant, sick, old, injured, you name it. I take each and every one to the vet, get them the necessary shots and medical attention, then spayed or neutered.

Once socialized, I adopt these little ones to primarily older people who are very glad to have a furry little companion; and “my guys” get great forever homes.

Some are simply unadoptable, needing frequent meds and/or vet visits. My vet is an absolute angel who has taught me quite a lot about diagnosing and what meds are needed to treat feline sicknesses.

My place has become known as “Kitty Korners Kat Kare”, where every animal that shows up here are totally spoiled by the time they leave.

I’ve posted a You Tube video about Kitty Korners; if you’d like to watch it, click on this link, or paste it into your browser.


Enjoy, and God bless all animal lovers!

Vanessa from OH