I want to thank you for your wonderful book “Rescuing Sprite”.
I’m 46 years young, and have had a dog in my family pretty much all my life. Last week ( on Nov. 13, 2008) I had to put my Brittany Spaniel, Gunner, to sleep. He was exactly 2 months from his 14th birthday. The picture I’ve sent was taken about 2 weeks ago, and it shows Gunner relaxing with some of his favorite toys. I stopped in at my house from a job site ( I’m a self-employed electrician, maybe Jerry the wire nut?) and discovered that Gunner had started having seizures. He had 3 major seizures in less than an hour, and I held and tried to comfort him while all this was happening. I knew I was losing him, and had to wait almost an hour before my wife could get home and be able to drive me and Gunner to our Vet. I didn’t want to leave his side, as I knew that HE knew I was there with him.
Dogs are the buddies we have when the rest of the world seems to be so crazy and out-of-control.
Thank you for the thoughtful writing in “Sprite”. I bought a pre-ordered copy on Amazon when it was announced for sale, then I bought an autographed copy when they became available. Outside of the fact that I enjoy you writings (I bought, read, and love Men In Black), I knew it was only a matter of time that I’d have to face with Gunner what you experienced with Sprite.
I was just about to re-read the book when the reality came last week.
Just knowing that someone like you are able to express from your perspective, the way I feel about my best friends, helped me prepare for the inevitable.
My wife and I are holding our 12 year old Springer Spaniel a little tighter, and want to thank you again for a place to share.
God bless you my friend, and here’s to many more years of continued success, and lots of furry friends!!!!

Jerry from PA