Felix is a 6 year old pure breed Maine Coon cat. I adopted him from a great website .. petfinders.com.

I feel lucky to have him. He has the sweetest personality. Felix is one big lump of love. Actually, he is more like a dog. He talks and has to sit next to me wherever I am. I had to put a folding chair next to the computer so he can sit near me otherwise he cries.

He was living in foster care in Manhattan. The foster caregiver had dogs and non-declawed cats which were terrorizing him. It was an emergency adoption. The former owners had a baby and gave him away. Considering his markings and conformity to the breed standard, I am certain they paid a forturne for him.

The attached picture is of him in his window sill perch. The Maine Coon cat is the largest breed of domestic cat. He has big white paws and pokes me when he feels I need to be giving him more attention.

After reading Rescuing Sprite, I was motivated to look for a shelter animal. When I saw Felix’s sad and unhappy picture on the internet, I went into the city the next day and brought him home. Within 3 days, he was fully adjusted. He has never been outside and has always lived in an apartment. It was the perfect adoption since I wouldn’t be home enough for a dog.

I live alone and have to admit the best part of the day is the warm meowing greeting I get from him when coming home. I feel like he has turned this apartment into a home. I encourage anyone who has the means to give one of these angels a home.

John from NJ