Dog Lovers

Dear sir, greetings from Portugal.I just read your book in two days and i must say i enjoyed it very much. Im a 40 years old man, a keen windsurfer, snowborder, car and motorbikes fanatic but nothing reach my love for dogs. i have lost 6 dogs since childhjod, some i dont remember very well because i was young but the last ones i do and i must say i miss them a lot!! I have now 8 dogs i rescued from the streets, i share when with my parents ( they are also crazy dog loveres) all of them special to me.

Nothing in the world make me more sad than turning my head around when i see a lost dog.. i normaly say to my friends that if i was rich i would take care of people and animals, as im not i can only take care of animals.Take you very much for your time and your book.
Best regards

João from Portugal