Chloe is my Chi/Terr mix 12lb little Mutt Bug.  She saved my heart in many ways and continues too daily.  I am a true dog lover and appreciate all animals.  I awoke one morning…turned to my boyfriend John and said.\”I am adopting a dog today\”, and I did.  It had been ten years since my last dog that I had to give up for adoption due to housing.  It broke my heart in ways I can not explain.

Finally I felt ok to get another dog and when I did Chloe came to me.  It turned out that I ended up saving her life as well.  She was a stray that was very sick and on her way out.  We took her in, spent a lot of worth while money on her and she is super healthy and happy to this day still looking over my heart and keeping it safe.  I would like to share more about Chloe as time with her is my most memorable and precious moments.  To every dog lover out there…Cheers!!

Christine from CA