Cheyene, our beautiful, white, blue eyed wolf/mix came to us over 13 years ago, rescued from the steel jaws of a trap by a friend of ours. Her first year with us was what I term, antisocial in that she would den up under the benches of our dining room table during the day and only go out at night via the patio door we left open for her. Slowly she accepted and trusted us and became our “baby girl” as we so lovingly called her.

Over the years there developed such a strong bond and mutual love between her, my wife Kathy and myself. She never really tolerated touching by strangers until the last couple of years. She was beginning to get severly arthritic in her hips, at times barely able to get up and moving, had pretty much lost her hearing and was beginning to lose her sight when on that fateful saturday, ( Nov. 17, 2008) she was hit by a car and broke her back leg. My wife and I , fighting our unwillingness to let go of her made the decision it was time for her to be at rest. It was late on Saturday evening when this all took place and the only place we could find open was the Animal Emergency Clinic in Maumelle, AR ( 501-224-3784) which is about 30 miles from where we live.

We put Cheyenne in the back of our van and I drove her to the clinic. Upon arriving, I went in and explaining her condition and what had happened I asked if they could come out to the van and put her to sleep so she would not have to experience the pain of being moved. They advised that they could not do this and asked if I would like to be with her when they put her to sleep. I told them I would and they advised that there would be an additional $50.00 charge for me to be with her. I was enraged, to say the least and I determined i would not give in to this “emotional robbery”.

I sat out in the van, comforting Cheye as much as I could until they came and got her. She now rests peacefully in our back yard beside “Stink”, “Bear Cat”, “Destiny” and “Little Girl”,
Why, for some people does it always have to be about the money.

Walter from AR