Capone & Carmella

Hey Mark, crew & fans:

My family is the classic all-American family with two working parents– one in sales the other in advertising and marketing– with a bouncing baby 17-month old who is destined to be a player on the NY Giants judging by his size. Mom, Jennifer, is fortunate enough to be in sales for an All-American soft drink company and be with our son in-home along with her mom who helps care for baby Justin. We fly our American flag proudly and post our McCain/Palin banner in our front yard to show our support. (It’s funny to hear the honks and “yeah!” as I mow the lawn. It requires extra hard work and sacrifices to live on beautiful Long Island, NY.

With 2 terrific Pugs already in the house, named Capone & Carmella– and two Maine Coon cats (Dante and Max), my wife urged us to get a rescued Bull Dog. Yeah. New to me, too. We all know “Greyhound Rescue,” but I never heard of “Bulldog Rescue.” A link is here: http://www.rescuebulldogs.org/ Apparently, there are a multitude of rescue organizations for all types of breeds. You may need to search online to find others. They make a great complement to shelters. Dogs end up in foster homes temporarily until new homes can be found. Dogs are available in all ages, shapes, sizes, etc.

Anyway, we adopted 6-year, Willy, from Long Island Bulldog Rescue. Link here: http://www.longislandbulldogrescue.org/. Willy came all banged-up. We was malnourished and barely walked. Original owner– who was a Bulldog lover and had Bulldogs all her life– apparently broke her hip and became incapacitated to go to work or take care of and walk Willy. The original owner under-fed Willy just so he wouldn’t go potty as much or as often. As per the original vet documents, he went from 75 pounds to 50. He had sores on all 4 elbows from being inactive and lying on the floor all the time.

Now in our home, Willy is energetic, loving, and healthy putting on 12-15 pounds in the past 5 weeks. He has found that lying on the porch long chairs are extra comfy and our son Justin loves him immensely. The two of them– and the Pugs make a hysterical riot in the house and outside the house. Justin loves petting Willy’s large head and flicking Willy’s lips– his way of showing love! :) Willy adores him , too. Often times Willy rolls and squishes Justin against the sofa putting Justin in absolute hysterics.

All the best,

Rob from NY