Boo & Our Pits

Dear Mark,
We are dog lovers and animal lovers. We currently have 4 dogs, all of them have some pitbull in them. We got our Boo three yrs ago in a Walmart parking lot for $20 on Xmas Eve-a woman was selling a litter. She is pit mixed with something and she is our baby. I picked up a full blood pitbull female that someone had dropped off at my work one yr age and she has a home forever with us. She is soooo sweet! We have an older femal pit and a pit mix with greyhound-both are our sons. Anyway, they bring us so much happiness-they and all of our other animals. We had to put down our sweet shepard mix, Jenna, and she is buried out back and is still guarding the livestock that she loved so much.
God Bless you, Mark
God Bless America
Pray for McCain/Palin

Karen from AZ