I just lost the love of my life to hemangiosarcoma. My Great Dane/lab mix,Zack,  lost his five week battle with cancer….RIP Zack 04/06-10/13/08!
I researched hemangiosarcoma for five weeks straight….I tried to find the cure for cancer in five weeks…and 15K later….his last week of life…he endured (and thrived) after three blood transfusions and a second round of chemo! If only he could have bounced back in time for chemo to start working. Don\’t let anyone ever tell that chemo is a horrible thing for a dog! Chemo brought back behaviors and actions we hadn\’t seen in years!
I am really interested to read Rescuing Sprite…I just don\’t think I can read it right now…I do wonder if Sprite had hemangiosarcoma (HSA)…RIP Sprite and Zackie!!
P.S. A few months before Zack died, I called into Mark\’s radio show bc I heard a caller talk about putting down their dog bc he couldn\’t walk..i suggested a special leash that holds up the dog\’s back legs…what we thought was ortho or neurological problems turned out to be HSA….my grief is totally worth the pain….the dance of life and death…

Heather from FL