Dear Mark,

Thank you for writing the book “RESCUING SPRITE”.  My sincere, heartfelt condolences.  I have there, done this. You put into words the raw feeling of losing your “best pal, friend, companion and confidant”.  How can one snuff out the life of such a precious treasure?  That is still bothering me and my conscience will not let me be.  Oh yes, my scientific mind says ”Yes, you did the right thing”  The suffering had to stop, but my HEART says “How could you?  ”Something you loved so dearly, something you treasured snuffed out.  Who are YOU to play GOD?  I cry again and again over my action.  Dear GOD, forgive me, to play your role and most of all forgive me my beloved “friend”.  I truly LOVE you and believe, I will NEVER forget you.  My heart aches so, as this was not an easy thing to do.  May one day we see each other again and may I have the opportunity to touch, hug, stroke, pet and tell you so, how much you enriched my life, my dearest dog.

As your book pointed out these feelings are not strange or wrong, nor am I alone in this.  Thank you, dear “FRIEND MARK”, a dog lover just like me, and I am sure, many numerous others.  Your book gave me the courage to grieve openly, what I kept inside for a long time and suffered in silence.  In this case silence is NOT golden, you proved that so beautifully to ALL us readers.

Marianne from NY