Toby, Peyton

My love for rescued dogs started at a young age. We adopted an adorable Shepard Mix named Toby and instantly were in love. It quickly became obvious that she was not in good health. The vet told us that Toby had distemper, and told us not to get too attached. Of course it was too late for that. After many long months nursing Toby back to health, Toby made a turn fot the better. Her entire life was spent with half the lung capacity of a “normal dog” and her wheezened breathing came to be a constant sound in our house. Toby lived to be 10 years old and her death was tramatic to the entire family. We all adored Toby. I have since married and adopted two pound pups of my own. Peyton, a border collie/Chow mix that we got as a puppy and Cooper, a retriever/Chow mix that had been adopted and returned a year later. He still does as Sprite does, tucks his head when you go to pet him, even though he was gotten nothing but hugs and pets for the past two years. It breaks my heart to think of the treatment he got before coming to live with us as he is a wonderful dog. They both are the best dogs any owner could ask for, and I hope that someday my own children will have a soft spot in their hearts for those dogs most in need of a caring and kind owner. I love how you say that in the end we are the lucky ones b/c it is so true. The unconditional love that these little furry wonders grant us is a true inspiration to us all.

Molly from NC