My son got me hooked on your show.   I\’m an eight year Veteran  from the Viet Nam era.
I had to put my corgi named Sugar to sleep this year, she was ten years old and had skin cancer.   I had her since she was four weeks old.   Sugar was so sweet and loved everything life brought across her path., she guarded a nest of baby rabbits and had a toad for a nightly check over, which came back nightly looking for her after she was gone.

Sugar was my shadow, she would listen for my every command and do it precisely.
Around  911, my Wife and I had separated, my Dad died , my Brother In Law died, I got downsized.   I was  very depressed  and was thinking about ending it all, but sugar was there with her sad eye’s nudging at me.   I looked at her and said I can’t do this, who’ll will take care of you baby?

Now my Trophy Wife of thirty years and I are back together and I have a new career, that I love, working with the mentally disabled, all thanks to Sugar on that lonely night.   I cried for weeks after I put her to sleep and I still get teary eyed when I dwell on her.   I tell her good night like you do Sprite and I can’t wait to get to heaven so we can play catch again.

Don from OH