When I was seven years old my mom told me that she was getting me something extra special for my birthday. I never dreamed I would get stalk. Small in stature Stalk was a lovable long eared basset hound. He was to all a friendly, and to me my best bud. I grew up in the Texas Panhandle and lived with my family about twenty miles from the closest grocery store. We were mostly isolated from the world. My mom was constantly warning us kids to be on the look out for rattle snakes, and not without reason. Our friends had had several encounters with snakes. Once a friend when riding his bike had found a nest of the snakes, and was about half mile from the house. Other rumors told of children dying because of the snakes. We had never had too much trouble with them however we still were on the lookout. One day however I was not on the look out for the snakes. But Stalk was, he quickly blocked the path and informed me of the snakes whereabouts. I ran back to the house and told my dad who got the hoe and killed the snake. I have wondered since what would have happened had stalk not been there. I enjoyed stalk for five more years, and when he died it was not without great sorrow. I will remember him always. Thank you God for blessing me with stalk.

John from TX