Hello Mark I am writing to you because I love your show and I have to podcast it everyday. I really have a lot of respect for your opinion. that being said I adopted a Boxer 8 yers ago and we recently had to put him down due to cancer it was the second hardest thing I have gone through in my life. My daughter was the first,born with a hart condition. Sonny the Boxer will be in my memory for ever. I called him my excon because he was in and out of the pounds about 7 times before I got him. My family was very attached to him, he had such a great personalitty. I am a former airborne infantryman, volunteer firefighter, and an electrician I thought I was tough but when I was there with my buddy at the end it made me cry like a littl baby. I had a really hard time explaning to my four year old son where Sonny went . My brother found a kids book that really helped it was great. Well thanks for listening and keep up the great work on the radio. We really need ou out there.

MIke from CA