Shadow, Kelly

I have not read you book yet. But I was listening to your show when you went into such great detail of your story. This is the story of Shadow. I loved him more then I have loved anything except my wife and children. I got him when he was just a few months old and he was a full Schipperke. It was so fun, with such a great personality. When a car hit me on my motorcycle and many surgeries over the years, Shadow would always come and either lay at my feet or beside the bed. Looking and watching everyone that come in for the full recovery time. I miss him so much even today and it will be a year next week. I set here so broke up just writing this. For 19 wonderful years he was the true meaning of my “best friend”. He was always so protective of the kids, they would pull and ride and he would just go along with anything they wanted to do. But when a stranger would come close to any family member or the house he became your worst nightmare. He had a unbelievable art of telling who was family and who was not, even members that did not come by often.  We had got Kelly a mix to give him company when my kids grown and we started working same shifts on some days.  The go along so great. In the end years Shadow would have spasms and Kelly would run into were ever we were backing and yelping wanting us to follow and we would cuddle and stroke Shadow till it passed. She became the Mother Hen. He took care of her when she was a pup and now she was helping him.  Here they are watching the snowfall, they both would just love to set and look out the door together.  I miss him so much..

Ben from OH