Scooby, Bandit

We were proud owners of a German Shepherd named Scooby for 9 years. Shortly after the birth of our son, the illness scooby been fighting for over a year finally took his life in April. I was devastated to say the least, afterall, he was my “furry” child. I couldn’t look at another dog and even writing this brings tears to my eyes. He was the first dog I had ever owned and raised from a puppy – now I can understand the love and devotion people can have with their dogs. The hole left in my heart was deep and I never thought I could ever love another dog, especially since any dog I went to see just didn’t pull at my heart – until the day I met Bandit – he was this little adorable puppy stuck at a local shelter looking for a new home – we went to meet him and for the first time in months, I felt my heart beat again – He is an active little guy with a big heart – he’s currently in training to become a “therapy dog” and is a natural at it – he has been to the nursing home and just has this amazing affect on people that is inspiring.
Sherri from PA