I had a wonderful black lab for 12 years. I had to put him down finally about 15 years ago.. still breaks my heart!  I adopted an equally wonderful black lab in the past 4 months. \”Sausage\” is 5 has obviously been abused and was extremely over weight. She bonded to me within 20 mins and has not left my side since the day she arrived. She has lost about 25 pounds through exercise and healthy diet. I had to change her name from \”sausage patty\” to \”sausage link\”

My kids and I adore her and feel so blessed that she has come into our lives. I just read \”Rescuing Sprite\” it brought so many tears for my old Bova dog and for my horse Cowboy who I just had to put down about 3 weeks ago. There truly is nothing to replace these loyal animals…

I thank Mark Levin for writing his story. I\’m sure it was therapeutical for him but it sure helped me release some of the pain and guilt a person feels when having to make these decisions. Kudos to Mark Levin for being able to put his emotions on the table. I\’m sure there are so many people out there that he has no idea how much he has touched.

Heidi from OR