I am a regular listener to your show and have always admired your willingness to share what your dog has meant to you. I have ordered you book today to try and help me get through the death of our dog Sammy. I never thought the death of him would hurt as much as it has. Six years ago we were looking for another dog so our current dog Sara could have a buddy. Sammy was the last of a litter of lab mix pups that the owner was giving away for free. I have never had a dog that has connected with me like Sammy did. He was by far the most intellegent dog I have seen and I swear he new what I was thinking before I did. Sammy was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer about 3 weeks ago. We started chemo but it was to much for his system and he died on the way to the emergency room Oct 13. At least he pasted in my lap while I was scratching his belly. Sorry for all the rambling.

God bless.

Patrick from OR

PS. Sammy is the large black lab in the middle of the picture.