dear Mark I sent my son 19 year old Seth pfc us army off to the war this morning. i am much to sad to call your show and would not be very entertaining. i must tell you why i am so very emotional this very moment. my young hero surprised me three days ago when he returned home with his beautiful young wife emily on friday.

my son keeps his bulldog (Romo) at home with us romos mom, dad, and two sisters also live with us they all get along for the most part anyway but i swear today they sense my sadness and they are being so incredibly loving. i recieved a call from my son on the airplane he is flying first class thanks to a great american vet who would not take no thankyou for an answer.

my son is a well trained soldier and willnot truely understand why a great americanwould give up his expensive seat until he returns. my christmas present from my wife last christmas was your autographed first edition i have to say we(my family and 5 dogs all enjoyed the power outage shortly after christmas when my wonderful wife of 21 yrs read your great book.my simple words can never describe the priceless value of that evening thank you mark we love you

Lee from ME