I was never a dog lover.   One day my wife decided she was going to get a dog (against my advice).   Well, Ricky the bichon frise came into our lives and things would never be the same.   He is the most manipulative, frustrating, stubborn creature I have ever known.   And he has taken over my heart and become our baby substitute.

People we meet on the streets and higways just fall madly in love with him at first sight.   Women LOVE Ricky (where was he when I was single?)  And although he loves me the best, he has been a good friend to my father-in-law who is receiving chemotherapy for metatastcized prostate cancer.   He spends day and night following him around, keeping him company and making him laugh.

Animals are just so great, but dogs are the best.   God bless you Mark and God bless America!

Ray from NJ