Radar, Dremel, Jack

Dear Mark
Five years ago we adopted a blind puppy from a shelter. She was to be destroyed by her breeder because she was blind and the runt of the litter. We also came to find out that Radar was not running on all 8 cylinders if you know what I mean.
We decided to get surgery done on her right eye in an effort to gain her some sight. This worked for her. She was able to see out of her right eye and her aggression toward my wife and other dog Dremel subsided somewhat. She was not perfect but she was better.
Two years ago my wife and I had a son Jack. The past two years have been all about gates and fences and keeping Jack away from Radar. We did not trust her with the baby in the least.
Over the coarse of the past 6 months we noticed Radar has been losing it a little bit more. We could not be with the baby without Radar being extremely jealous. She would lash out at Dremel and we did not feel this to be fair to Dremel, Jack or even Radar.
I do not think that Radar could control her behavoir. We decided it was best to put her down. We did this today.
We lost a piece of our family today one that will never be forgotten.
I want to thank you for your books and your radio show. Our family has respect for all men and women who do mince words and who have a deep respect for family (furry and not so furry).
Best Regards
Jeff from NY