Our dog\’s name was Punum. Which means \”face\” in yiddish and oh what a face it was! He was a West Highland White Terrier. He was 8 years old. Last week he somehow got a hold of a piece of wood outside and swallowed it. The next day, he was very ill. We took him to the vet and they did an x-ray which showed nothing. They gave him fluids and told us he needs an ultra sound. So, we had to transfer him to an animal hospital  1 hour from our home. It took 2 ultra sounds until they found the blockage. They did emergency surgery on Saturday which went well. They said  they removed a very large piece of wood but in 4 0r 5 days he should be back to himself. That was not the case!
The next morning at 5:00 AM they called and said his blood pressure was very low but they were giving him medicine for it. Then they called to say he was unresponsive when they tried to talk to him. They also said his heart was skipping beats.
Then they called back to say he took a turn for  the worse and we should come right away! My wife asked to please try and keep him alive until we get there. But by the time we did get there he was gone. So, $6,000 later we have no dog and maxed out credit cards! All of this for a piece of wood!
Punum was our best friend and we can\’t believe he\’s gone. We will miss him more than words can say.  Tell other dog owners to be careful what their dogs put into their mouths it can turn deadly

Lloyd from NJ