Praying for Rocky’s Family

I know we all are praying for the Rocky the cat’s family. His human called in from the vet to ask Mark to help him get through having to let his beloved pet go. The worst of this, many of us know, is the horrible feeling that we are betraying someone who has without guile always loved and trusted us. I went through this with my brilliant and devoted 17 year old border collie, I know of what I speak. Some comfort I think can be derived from the very love they have given us. I have come at last after three years to understand that if my Beauregaard or Rocky the cat could speak they would tell us, “I know you have done everything possible for my health and comfort. Thank you for being my true friend. I love you, thank you for being here with me now, I will always be with you.” Of all the things we have thought our furry children may have seemed to tell us this is the hardest for us to hear, but if you look back at the relationship that has always existed between you, you will see that it is true. I hope someone is able to offer this small comfort to this man in his time of grief.
Joy from MI