Pongo, Aspen, Moo

I am probably the last person to have read your book, and it touched me deeply.  I am so sorry about the loss of you friend.
This year I have lost both of my standard poodles. Pongo was 10, and Aspen throw away…. she was a perfect dog in every way.  I let her go, she had cancer. That was so hard, I cried for days.  Then 5 months later my white standard poodle Klondike, he was only 7,who was my best friend, we found that he a painful brain tumor that he has had since birth. I chose to let him go. I like you took it hard.  I could not get out of bed for days, and when I did, I cried, depressed.
I believe that our Lord will let us see them again….
Now I have a 7 month old bull terrier, her name is Moo.  I love her so much.  She will never replace my poodles, however she came to me in a state that she really needed me to help her .  She had special needs.  She is proving to be my best friend everyday, and I pray for many, many years to come.
Thank you for writing your book.  It is nice to know that someone else out there in this crazy world carries that stong bond with a furry faced friend.

Cat from CO