Piper, Conner, Walter

Mark, your spot-on plitical views are only surpassed by your spot-on love of our dog friends. I’ve attached a picture of my little girl, Piper, a Skye terrier age 11. Piper has spent the past 3 yrs fighting cancer in her neck. More surgeries and $$ than we can count have kept her here with us and she just keeps going -better than the Energizer bunny. Her spirit and joy are dumb founding.

Almost 6 mths ago she was diagnosed with a tumor finally inoperable. Since then both sides of her neck have developed tumors on top of tumors so that it feels like a sock stuffed with golfballs. We know her time is short but she just keeps going. Every night my wife Sherrie and I get Piper, her half-brother Conner (a black Skye), and our Wheaten terrier, Walter, together for their dinner. Piper has her boned rotisserie chicken (sometimes shares with her brothers) then doggie treats. Every night is party as we celebrate another day with Piper. Thanks Mark!

Charlie from KS