First, Mark, I would like to thank you for all you do.

For about 11 years, I was president of a no-kill cat sanctuary. I have just about seen it all. One day, we received a phone call about a dire situation for a cat whose owners “moved and left her behind”. So, I dropped what I was doing and rushed to the cat’s neighborhood that was only about 10 minutes away. There was “Peppy”, famished, cold and starving for attention. Well, I decided to bring her home and there she enjoyed her life for about 6 years. She was estimated to be around 7-8 yrs when she was rescued. One day, Peppy began having trouble breathing and a trip to the vet gave me the bad news that Peppy had a growth by her lung and in all likelihood, it was cancer. So when even the lasix was not working any more, I could not stand to see my friend struggling to breathe. It was time for that last vet visit and as I placed her on the exam table, Peppy refused to lay down. Instead she sat upright, held her head up and, she met my eyes with hers. Mark, she never budged, even as the vet found the vein and gave her the shot that would relieve her suffering. Doc said in all her years, she has never witnessed anything like that. I would like to think that Peppy was perhaps thanking me, as I am forever grateful to her for the joy and love she gave me.

Thanks for listening.

Angela from NY