My Border Collies

I just want to say that anytime I hear callers or yourself talk about  their pets or Sprite, I get choked up. I have two 9 yr old Border Collies that are starting to turn grey, get arthritis, and slow down. I didnt grow up in a loving intact family, and though I am married to a loving and devoted spouse, I have to honestly say that I dont know the kind of bond that I should. I guess I never really felt loved or loving, except to my beloved Border Collies babies.

Honestly the only unconditional , precious caring love that I have ever felt in my entire life. I wont be able to bear the loss of either of my dogs. I have been getting teary about that fateful day for years, at times when i look at them and our bond is so deeply felt. Kind of morbid catastophising, I know, but I fear and dread that day. I do want to say that I have decided that no matter what happens to them, that I will hold them in my arms until the Angel of Death would come to take them from me.

I decided that I wont opt for having another human being take their life by euthanizing, as I have promised them many times that I will always protect them from harm and I will keep my promise, even though it may be an easier or more humane choice to have a vet put them down. Its just that my promise will stand to the end, and if I go 1st, I have already made sure that my husband will honor this pact.
well, thanks for letting me share. I tear up when i see your photo of Sprite. Dogs are truly the greatest, most precious gift God gave to mankind.
(pls. excuse the messy bed, but my dogs get to lay on it just like kids)

May God Bess you greatly Mark.

Alli from ID