Mr. King

My Mr. King (GSD) was 7 years old. He had a tumor in his lungs pushing on his trachea which took his breath away. We went though many rounds of anti biotic s to fight infections. His last night. He couldn’t sleep because he needed to keep his head up to straighten his airway. The vet didn’t open until 8am. I laid in the yard with him that night. I knew it was time to say good bye. I couldn’t talk to my wife much. I had to hold it together. She understood. Early that morning I carried him up stairs and put him in the truck. This was his last visit to the vet, and I would leave only with his collar. I loved him. I made a vid in his honor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mENsvKCCB1g

I am working with German Shepherd Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin To get another. I have plenty of room in my heart for another. Thank you for writing your book on sprite. Your show is inspiring! god bless America

King from MN