Thank you Mr. Levin for giving us the opportunity to tell others about our beloved furbabies.  I am so sorry for your loss.
My sweet little Meggie became very ill on September 23 with congestive heart failure.  I held her and whispered to her how much I loved her as she went to sleep.  Meggie was almost 13 and she was my constant companion.  I’m visually impaired and although Meg, a little pek-a-poo, was not a Seeing Eye Dog, she knew to walk me around small obstacles and to the curb cutouts.  She knew when I was feeling bad or when I was sad.  Meggie knew just what to do to help out her mom.  It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made to let her go.  I still look for her in every room.  I still catch myself just before I call her name to see if she wants to go ‘walky’.  I miss seeing her on her sheepskin throw in front of the storm door watching the neighborhood.  That was her favorite spot and I would open the front door to let her look out the storm door even in the winter.  Waking up is so hard because I don’t have Meg to walk and then to fix her breakfast.  Going to bed is just as hard, because taking Meg out was the last thing I did before getting in the bed.  Meggie left me on September 29.  When her little ashes come home I hope I will feel better.  Meg needs to be home so I can say good morning and good night to her.
Sherry from KY