Mark, my sister whi is an avid listner gave me your website to visit about the loss of your pet.
I too had to put down my beloved Shih tzu two months ago after a year of weekly treatments¬† in trying to save him. he was only 4yrs old. He had an inoperable tumor between his pelvis & bowel. It was the hardest thing i\’ve ever done next to burying a husband,my Mother, and a Nephew.

I just can\’t seem to keep from crying (as i am now) everytime I think or talk about him which is several times a day. Max was so full of life and personality. Everyone liked him. He would great everyone at the door with a wagging tail and he was a talker so he would growl and try to talk. The sad part about it was other than that tumor he was doing great after a long battle of a skin cond w/a miss disgnoisis that turned out to be a low thyroid. He had grown back all this hair and then this tumor came. I just can\’t seem to get over it. I guess I was just an overprotective mama that loved him like he loved life and people. Too much. Thanks for listening.

Mona from OK