I rec’d Rescuing Sprite at 6.00pm yesterday and had finished it by 8.30pm. Having had to have my beloved cat Mary put to sleep on May 30, after an 11 week fight against a tumour under her toungue(the vet gave her 1 – 2 weeks but she fought it for so much longer), I wasn’t sure if I could read this book. I’m so glad I chose to, even though I wept buckets (who could fail to fall in love with Sprite, the rest of the dogs and this family?). It helped me so much, particuarlly the part where Mark felt so guilty about feeling a dogs death more than a humans’. I have tried to cover up how I feel so much as I feel guilty about it when people around me have lost family members – I lost my mother last year and felt guilty that I was taking Mary’s death as badly, if not worse. Mark has helped me feel normal about this, and to try and focus on the (incredibly happy and pampered) life Mary had with us. I hope I can find the courage to get another cat as I’ve been determined not to (I still have a 17 year old cat so will have it all to come again at some point), but I think I may change my mind.
Thank you again, you have helped me enormously.
Pam from West Yorkshire, UK