Luke and Leia

About Them …
These are our babies Luke and Leia . They are Border Collie/Lab mixes. They were found along the side of the road in a box with their siblings on a hot August day in 2003 when they were approximately 10 weeks old. Unfortunately Luke and Leia are the only survivors. Woodland Animal Hospital in Seymour, took them under their wing and Dr. Cheryl Haass took it upon herself to find them a home.

From the first time my husband and I saw them we knew they were ours. The wonderful staff at Woodland Animal Hospital took them home with them the first few days until we got ready for their arrival. Luke and Leia were the inspiration that started Me & Them Pet Bakery. They love life, and love to eat. I wanted to do something special for them so I started making them homemade treats. They love them so much and they won’t eat store bought treats anymore. Now each time a batch is mixed, rolled and baked they sit quietly and wait for a sample from each batch. They don’t mind testing the cat treats or the horse treats either!

Besides playing and chasing each other around the yard, their favorite hobby is to chase “bird shadows” in the yard, chase butterflies and bounce on sunbeam reflections on the floor. If given the opportunity they will chew on everything in their site, like their dog house and the front porch! And of course they love to dig holes…..big holes. Luke and Leia have been a joy and pleasure to live with. Today they are “happy, healthy, full of energy puppies” and we love them dearly.

Jan from WI