I have been blessed with two doggies, but I want to share this about Lucy.

I adopted Lucy after a first bout with a pituitary tumor. But when another rare condition set in, making it difficult for me to live a normal life and forced me to retire, it was Lucy who became my constant friend.

You see, I have a rare condition wherein my thyroid and parathyroid as well as pancreas have ceased to work. My heart can fly into atrial fibulation in an instant and the attacks can be unnoticed by me at first, until they become so bad that I go close to a cardiac arrest.

Lucy learned to spot this. When my heart flutters, and I don’t feel it, she nudges my hand and keeps doing it until I check my heart rate or feel my chest.

She also tells me (as I am now diabetic) when my blood sugars are too low or too high.

She may be an adopted, but she’s my darling girl. She’s getting older now (14) and showing signs of age, but she still has heart!

Leah from TX